"Never mind who won, print the remedies". 14.05.2018.

PRINT THE TRUTH. Newspaper and acrylic.

"The verdict, you can't afford to miss child". 28.10.2017.

"Monday, March 27, 2017 We are afraid". 28.10.2017.

"Days of foreign aid gives boost to our crusade". 16.04.2017.

"The worlds caged in hell, keep fit to fight, the progression should strengthen your mental wellbeing". 16.04.2017.

"The times up, trust in fears over defence, struggle to withstand forces on the battlefield and invest in the ability to review thought". 20.11.2017.

"blueprint to beat loneliness epidemic; Transform yourself today". 10.03.2017.

"Best way to fight misery of pain, best days are still to come". 07.04.2017.

"In pain the truth will eventually prevail, good sense and fairness shouldn't be behind bars". 01.02.2018.